Hey curly girls, I've been wanting to know how to stretch my mini twist after a wash out with it

could you guys give me any tips on stretching out mini twist after a hair wash.

1 Answer

Well, hello there, fellow human! The easiest, fastest, and very effective way to stretch your twists is by using the"Twist&Pin" method! Your probably like "I've heard about all kinds of methods but, WHAT THE WHAT IS THIS?!" Well, I actually just made that name up but the method itself I got from a awesome natural hair YouTuber, "TheChicNatural".The first time I watched her hair straightening tutorial, I saw this thing she did where she twisted her hair and then pin them up! I was like "she is so smart!" I mean, it was so simple yet so brilliant! I have to admit that when she took the twists out, she had the blow dry look but she did twist them in 6 big sections which led to that outcome. You're probably going for defined curls for when you take the twists out and you did say your twists are mini which will give you the twist out look and not the blow-dry look even using this method!