hey guys got any tips for 3a hair with regards to styling and washing?

hey guys. my hair is 3A its quite thick and curly and often unruly i dye by roots and the purple in my hair every two months and until recently i was straightening it but ive damaged it so much that ive had to go back to normal. it is damamged and it does go quite frizzy. i need some styling tips of how to get my curls looking nice and frizz less. also i cant get a brush through it unless its wet in order to style it is this healthy for my hair to wet it with water every day? got any tips on products or styling tips of how to manage my hair properly i feel like im at a bit of a loss with my hair. The products i currently use are herbal essences colour protect shampoo and conditioner and i also use boots own brand curl creme, i brush my hair with a paddle brush x

1 Answer

Are you deep conditioning weekly? I wouldn't brush my curly hair, every. Use a wide-toothed comb to pull your conditioner through. Use a leave-in conditioner, always. Maybe switch to a higher-end shampoo with better ingredients.