Hi I m from India. I have 2b hair type. Whtat shampoo I should use as my hair got frizzy on next da

i have 2b hair type. I want good and define curls. Pls suggest.

1 Answer

Hello from America love! :)I would suggest John Freida's Frizz Ease Smooth Start Reparing shampoo for something easy to find and not too expensive. It works great at helping with frizz! On the higher end of things I would suggest Living Proof's NoFrizz shampoo. this also works well and you can find it on amazon and I've bought it from sephora. The key to your no frizzy hair though is to make SURE you condition your hair after you shampoo, and use an old tshirt to dry your hair not a towel. When you get out of the shower make sure you also use a leave-in conditioner and try to let your hair air dry. You can use a Hair Milk as a styler and that should bring your curls out and moisturize them.These are some things to help with frizz :)