Hi, I 'm Luis, I think I'm a 4a, how can I get a Kravitz look on my hair? More like 4C! Thank you!!

1 Answer

People with 4a and 4b hair can do certain things to their hair (such as twist-outs, braid-outs, or wash n gos) or add certain products to the hair to get looser curls such as the kind people with type 3b and 3c hair have. However, it is impossible for a person of any hair type to make their hair look kinkier. Kinks simply cannot be imitated (or if so, no one has come out with a hair product to make hair kinkier yet!). For example, my hair is either 4a or 4b (I'm not sure which one yet). My hair naturally falls down so it's impossible to pick my hair into an afro (sometimes it's hard just to get it into a bun!). Certain hairstyles you just can't imitate. Sorry!