How can I make my hair look nice?

I have 2C wavy whirly hair which is thick and very dark. My hair is barely shoulder length AND my hair is layered. Since my hair is layered, the top layer of my hair is straight (just the top layer) so then rest of my hair gets all puffy and frizzy after the first layer and it looks HORRIBLE. I never EVER wear my hair out and I don't want to straighten my hair since I am trying to grow out my hair and I heard damaging it will slow down the growth. Is there anything that I can do as routine to make my hair look nice, instead of having to buy shampoos or conditioners? Thank you! :) 

1 Answer

Do you use styling products? Which ones? A few tips: Don't ever brush your hair.Don't touch your hair if you can at all avoid it. Use a light leave in conditioner.You might need to get a better haircut to take advantage of your curls and waves and straight part. Avoid heat appliances.