How can I make my hair smell nice?

Heeello people! Well,my hair doesn't like to hold onto scents of shampoos,conditioners or styling products.Which sucks since some of the things I use smell absolutely amazing! Usually its not a big deal but I've recently started using flexi rods in my hair so i can cut down on heat styling and of course the only smell that clings to my hair is the plasticy smell of the rods. It lingers for days until I wash my hair again and nothing I've tried will mask the smell! And im not just being paranoid or anything. I have been asked by friends if I had just come from the salon since my hair smells like that weird plastic chemical smell salons sometimes smell like. What can I do about this? I would assume the alcohol in perfume would dry out my hair :\

1 Answer

you could try some essential oils like lemon, mint, or something florally. you could also try using those spongy rods instead of the plastic ones (: