How can i make my super crazy curly hair, wavy?

My hair is super dry and course. when it drys is becomes a huge mess of frizz, so I have been straightening my hair. I would like  a way to make it wavy. when strait its about mid way down my back. is there a way to get it so it about the same length my slightly wavy? with no heat? btw I have really really think hair. 

4 Answers

You're kind of stuck with your natural hair pattern, unless you put heat or chemicals on it, which you don't want to do. There are a couple of stylers that will pull out some of the curl... Extenzz is one. You can put duckbill clips in at the ends of your hair when it's wet, so as it dries the curl is kinda pulled out. And you can just learn to take really good care of what you have so that it looks its very best.  Spend some time reading this site; there's tons of good information all over. :)
You could put your hair in braids or twists while it's wet (at night or if you don't mind wearing the braided style around you could pin the braids into an updo or wear a hat). When your hair dries, you can take it out and it will be more stretched and if you don't separate the hair too much or fluff it out it will not have as much volume. Since your hair is thick you may need to do trial and error to figure out how big/small, how many twists/braids to do. It doesn't have to be a lot. Here is an example, but you could do the same with braids or two strand twists:, and --different hair type and fewer braids than you might need, but similar concept. The braids should help cut down on frizz and volume and if the braids are bigger, it also can give you a more wavy, looser curl. You can look up "braid out" or "twist out" on youtube for more examples of techniques.I hope that helps!
The term for what you're trying to achieve is "stretching," you could try braiding or banding, which is where you put hair bands all the way down your hair to stretch it out. Here's an article about stretching coily hair safely:
why wouldn't you want super crazy curling hair?! I wish I had that!