How can I stretch out my hair to prevent major shrinkage?

I am a 3c/4a, and I'm having trouble with stretching out my hair. Whenever I do twist-outs and braid-outs and take them down in the morning, later on in the day, my hair shrinks up and gets dry. What can I do/use to prevent shrinkage and dryness? Thanks in advance.

1 Answer

Take a look at this article: addition, you can try to use heavier products like butters and creams for definition and frizz control. They can help weigh hair down. There are also products designed for elongating curls. I see them all over the place, both online and in stores. I wish I could remember some names, but I rarely ever seek to stretch my curls. Look  up curl elongating products and check out the reviews (I like nc and makeup alley the best) to make sure it does what it claims.When doing twist outs or braid outs, make sure your hair is completely dry before taking them out. If it's wet, it will definitely shrink. You can do them on already dry hair as well.