how do i keep my hair down and curl, without it being puffy?

okay so my hair is 4A or 4B i still havent figured out, and it is just a little past the shoulder. I have more hair at the top of my head than the bottom if that make sense, like esperanza spalding except way less puffier, although if i brush it out it could look like that:) Whenever i come out the shower my hair is a nice curly, so i tend to leave it but then slowly it dries out and becomes puffy and frizzy. anyways i always put my hair in a high bun or a ponytail but it looks weird because my hair is short and thick. i was wondering how i could get my hair to stay down, if you could suggest any products, styling tools, routines some of you may do. i would really appreciate it! by down i mean like DOWN. not out and about down, curly but flat. confusing? probably. I wanna keep it the way it looks when i come out the shower, the wet look.  wet, moist, and down. not puffy and up:") thank you. 

4 Answers

I would recommend using a shea moisture product as a styler. I'm only saying this because I haven't really tried anything else, but their products have never done me wrong and my hair always feels soft when I use them. If you don't wanna take the shea moisture route, then I would suggest just avoiding stylers that have 
Are you using any stylers? Or a shea butter?
Allowing your hair to air dry without any product to seal on the moisture will cause it to do the puff explosion (as I call it). Best advice I can give is to do a twist or braid out. I have 3c/4a hair. I section my hair in 4 large sections after it has been washed and detangled. Next apply a natural oil (I use vitamin E). Afterward I apply either Shea butter or a leave in conditioner w/shea butter to seal on moisture. Lastly I separate each section into four smaller sections and braid or twist each of these smaller sections. I find that I get the best results if I twist or braid closests to the scalp and stretch the hair while twisting/braiding. The longer it is allowed to air dry the nicer the virus come out. Good luck! 
Curls* not virus lol. Also you'll want to stretch your hair more to get that longer (vs fro) look.