How do you get your roots voluminous?

Here's my problem: When my hair dries, my roots lie flat while the rest of my hair is voluminous and springy. This makes just leaving my hair down after my hair dries impossible, it just looks too funny. I then resort to putting my hair in a bun or ponytail, which really kills the fun of curls. My curls don't have problems, just my roots. 

4 Answers

A lot of people like to use root clips.  Curly Hair Solutions, DevaCurl, Ouidad, and lots of other brands sell their own.  I used regular, small hair clips once, and it worked just as well.  I don't know if you also like to scrunch out the crunch, but when I do, I push my hand into my hair by the crown and gently lift at the root.  This seems to help as well.  Good luck!
Try duckbill clips. You pin them on top of your head to have more volume on top of your head. Or, you can buy some dry shampoo or dry spray. You spray this at the roots and then flip your head upside down. When you come back up you should have more volume. Probably a combo of all these things will give you best results. Good luck! 
In my opinion, those root lifting clips weren't making any sense to me so I found another way that doesn't cost a thing. All I do is after I apply all of my products, I simply whip my hair really fast to the left and to the right over and over. Then I let it air dry and when it's at about 50% dry and 80% dry I repeat the process of whipping my hair left and right. Sounds silly and looks even more silly lol but trust me it works... That how I got the volume in my profile picture seen. Hope this helps :)