How do you maintain a wash n' go? And my hair takes forever to dry, what can I do about that?

The thing about it, though, is that I really like my curls right after I'm finished adding the product and stuff to my hair when doing a wash n' go. My hair curls easily and the wash n' go really shows my natural curls and stretches them. I love my twist-outs and braid-outs but I would like to see if wash n' gos can be convenient, too.The main problem that I have is that my hair doesn't dry! It takes a long time for my hair to completely dry, especially after applying all of the product that wash n' gos need. I don't like sitting under the blow-dryer and anyway, when I blow-dry my wash n' gos it makes my hair crunchy and takes too long. So what am I supposed to do? Also, how do you maintain wash n' gos? I have to sleep wearing a satin scarf on my head at night. And I'm a wild sleeper, so even with a scarf on my head it takes extra-protective measures to make sure my hair doesn't look absolutely crazy in the morning. So what do you suggest I would do to my wash n' go at night? And in the morning what do I do, just fluff it out or add more product or what? Oh and for added details, in the back my hair is bra-strap length and in the front, it's armpit-length. However when in any natural style, such as a wash n' go or twist-out, it is just barely past my shoulders.

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In order to avoid crunch, use a moisturizing leave in. The more moisture, the less crunch. Secondly, my hair takes extremely long to dry too! What I would recommend is styling your hair at night and wrapping it in a t-shirt overnight. That way when you take it out of the shirt, it will dry pretty quickly the rest of the way. I plop, but I have a much looser texture, so if you want to elongate your curls, wrap them in a way that stretches them, maybe in a turban kind of thing. I have a vision of it, but I can't explain it haha