How should i style my very short 3c/4a hair

I'm a guy and my hair is extremely short (i just cut it 2 weeks ago)  i have 4a with some 3 in it and i was wondering what tool to use on my hair.  Its way to short for a comb so i was wondering if i should use a denman brush to style it until it gets longer?

2 Answers

You might find some ideas here! talk to your stylist; she might have some ideas.
SpencerUK,When I had big chopped & my short 3C curls were growing out, I relied a lot on hair accessories. Of course, since you are a guy- this might not be a good look on you! But something I see a lot of curly dudes rocking is the faux hawk- brushing the left and right side up and using a holding cream or gel like - and then enhancing your curls on top with something like TIGI's Curls Amplifier- pix! Let's see those man curls.!!