How to add volume to my roots? Curly 3a

My hair is 3a curly, and I use Ion Curl Solutions. My roots are flat, and have no volume.  My hair isn't long, in fact it is quite short. How do I get them just as curly as the rest of my hair?

2 Answers

Have you tried using duckbill ckips at the root? They work really well! Here's an article about it:
I have similar problems with my 3a hair. If you have this problem with short hair, growing it out would probably be a bad idea, so be careful. Do all of your scrunching upside down to make sure your hands really get to the roots of your hair, and then try plopping. I plop overnight, and when I wake up my hair is still damp, but then I clip up my roots to let it fully dry with a lift. You might wanna try mousses (I have no idea what your product is, sorry >.<) and lighter products that wont weight your hair down.