How to do a half up half down hairstyle?

I have really poofy, curly,  3b hair that is flat at the top and puffs out at the bottom, making a triangle. My hair is also cut into two layers: One really puffy one that reaches to the bottom of my neck, and one that is thinner, looser, and reaches a little below my shoulders. Whenever I try to do half up half down, the part that is up justs poofs out. I'm also not sure how much hair to use, and what part of my head that the pinned-up part should go. Does anyone have experience with this hairstyle, and can instruct me on the best way to do it with my hair?

2 Answers

hey. just grab almost all of the upper layer and just a little of the lower layer (like two clumps of your index fingers width) and clip over your head, quite high. Make sure you clip all of the hair behind your ears. Poof it up on the top. It really looks smokinnn and the triangle problem is fixed too
a trick is to check where the upper end of your ears are and the centre of the two ear points on your scalp is where you have to clip. i hope you get me!