How to do twist outs on 4b/4c Hair

Hi all. I have fine 4b/4c hair (although it doesn't appear thin). My hair is low porosity and falls a little below my collar bone in length. I have tried everything to get a proper twist out but I always FAIL...big time. The twists look frizzy and have little definition...and when I pull them apart the definition is pretty much gone. The only style I have had success with is a bantu knot out and it wasn't a HUGE success..just wearable. What can I do? I have some eco styler (argan oil) being delivered soon and I've tried different moisturizers. Please give me some advice. I'm starting to think that I just don't have "twist out" or stylable hair. If this is true, I may be forced to go back to the creamy crack or at least straighten my hair with the Beautiful Textures Texture Management System. Thanks in advance!

1 Answer

I have felt your pain! Getting it right, the way you like it, can sometimes take a while. Here are some suggestions:-Try starting your twists on clean, dry, stretched hair. After washing, put your hair in braids or flat twists or bands (just a few bigger ones to let it dry and stretch in). You can air dry or you can blow dry the braids/twists if you want them to dry faster or stretch more. You can take these out while your hair is still a bit damp and start your twists on mostly dry/damp hair OR you can let them dry completely and use your moisturizer/leave-in to dampen the hair before twisting.-Your hair should be completely dry before taking out the twists or it will get frizzy and lose definition.-Make sure you use both a good moisturizer AND a gel, curl cream or butter (a product that will give you some hold and definition)-As you are twisting, hold the hair firmly and pull GENTLY away from the scalp, and as you twist, smooth the hair between your fingers and kind of twirl the two strands separately (by sliding the hair between fingers with your thumb from the tip of your pointer finger up to the knuckle of that finger) as you are twisting them together. Kind of like the senegalese twisting method: is doing a flat twist out here but she shares some good tips: you know how to, I would also recommend trying a flat twist out. You might like those results better or a least learn something while doing the flat twist out that you can use to get a better regular twist out.Good Take-down technique: Knot out: slow and detailed tutorial: The other parts are linked to in the video description box.- I think starting your twists on stretched, dry hair might really help you out with controlling the frizzies and getting smoother, more defined results.I hope that helps!