How to make curly hair look professional?

So I have a business competition tomorrow, and so I need to be in business dress. I need to look professional and not sloppy. My curls tend to get frizzy and don't give off a professional vibe. I need some sort way to style my curls to make them look professional and well groomed. Another thing is that I don't have forever in the morning to do my hair. I have to leave my house at 5 tomorrow morning to make the competition on time. Thanks for the help!

3 Answers

I think as long as you keep them tidy and out of your face, you'll be ok. Maybe clip back the sides a bit? Good luck!
Thanks for the help! 
I agree with CurlyCoriander. Make sure you pull your hair out of your face and you'll be good to go. I really like this retro pin up style, and you can do it with curly hair too. Except, instead of a bandana, you might want to just put in a nice bow or something. If you don't like that, maybe try a nice braid? Something like this?