How to make hair dry pretty?

I barely ever wear my hair natural, but when I do this summer, I want to know how to let it dry. I'd love your help. (: Whenever my hair is wet, it looks really pretty. It's wavy and just really nice. Its almost straight at the top. Currently I comb it out roots to ends and then put Curls Rock leave-in conditioner on it and then the curl enhancer. Whenever I do this and then just let it air-dry without a towel or anything, it gets really full. My hair is long, so this helps, but it just doesn't look that good. It's curlier on the bottom, straight on the top, and wavy on the outside. Also, it's kinda of frizzy, but shiny at the same time. I don't know, it's just really weird. I was wondering, how do I let it dry the way it looks when it's wet? If it helps, my hair is nautrally auburn, very long, healthy, has no layers, medium thickness, and type 2B. Thanks!

2 Answers

I recommend using a heavier gel to get that "wet" look, and apply your product when your hair is soaking wet. If you squeeze it in your hair while it's soaking, it will dry really nicely, the way you want it to. Also, not sure if this will work for you....give it a try....but I finger detangle my hair in the shower and not comb it at all. It gives my hair much better definition, and your hair will have a nice wave. 
I would do what the first comment said as well. But DON'T touch the hair until it is fully dry (use a blow dryer with a diffuser if you must have it dried quickly) When it is fully dry "scrunch" the hair until the "crunch" comes out.