How to put volume in my hair?

I have VERY fine thin hair. Usually I diffuse my hair upside down and get some volume but I would like a little more. Do you think teasing my hair would work or will that make my curls messy?

3 Answers

Teasing will cause major breakage and knots. Try lighter styling products
Try shaking your hair at the roots, then putting hairspray while your hair is upside down.ORTry to regularly blpw dry your hair after about five minutes of diffusing instead of diffusing your hair completely.ORTry to put your products in your hair while its dry instead of wet.If none of that doesn't work, than try this product I use for volume. You can get it at Walmart for like $5. It's called Curls Up: Curls Booster. Here is a link: works pretty well... After you put your product in, spray it throughout your hair, scrunch it in, then shake at the roots.I hope at least one of these tips work!
I wouldn't tease your hair! That just creates problems. I like the hairspray trick; I know a lot of curlies who do that. You can also aim your blowdryer (wihout diffuser attachment) straight at the roots while lifting your hair out and up. This blog has some good info.