How to style my hair without it truning in an afro?

I have 3C type hair and would love to rock my natural curls yet I always find it difficult to style. When my hair is wet I absolutely love the way my hair looks and how defined my curls are. However, the moment my hair dries it immediately puffs up in a fro, causing me to lose my curls and making it difficult for my to manage. I would really love to give my hair a break from all the heat I use and actually give my hair a chance to breath and finally grow out. Any advice, as far as styling types, proudcuts, etc, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!:D

1 Answer

One way to find products and methods for your hair is to search "curly hair routine" or "3c curly hair routine" (something like that) on YouTube and try to find someone whose hair looks and seems to act similar to yours. Even if its a little different, you may learn from the types of products techniques they use to apply products and style their hair. Don't be discouraged if your hair doesn't come out like theirs (it may not be just like theirs) try applying the same product in different ways (on damp hair, on dripping wet hair, smoothing it on, combing it through, diffusing, air drying...). I hope that helps! Here's a youTube search to get you started: some tutorials: