How to use a diffuser properly? I have 2c curls

I just bought a diffuser and I don't know how to use it properly. I tried it for the first time and all it does is make my curls smaller and frizzier and I dont like it. What should I do? :/

3 Answers

Here's an article with some tips! here's another one: these are helpful!  Let us know if you have better luck!
The pixie curl method is very popular. Some people can be very free with a diffuser and have no issues, but I get tons of frizz. The pixie curl method reduces frizz, but it's a pain in the butt. Most people just hang their head upside down and scrunch with the bowl diffuser without much hand contact. Some people who want a more controlled look stay upright most of the time and keep the blow dryer far from their hair, on the lowest setting. Don't scrunch, just dry the outside. The most important tip is to only dry it about 75% and air dry the rest of the way to avoid frizz.
As Jessi said make sure you let your hair dry most of the way before you dry it, that should cut down on some frizz. I also recommend using the diffuser on the cool setting (blowing cool air) and that should also help with frizz.