What should I do?

My haor used to be super curly. But nowadays, it just seems to be getting flatter and flatter. Pineapple buns and such don't work for me. I never use heat on my hair and I rarely shampoo more than 2 a week. I wake up and my hair is a mess, and I use a wide pick comb to comb it out. I only use water now, because all the product I've tried hate my hair. I comb it out and it takes forget to dry, and then, it barely curls. I miss my old hair. I want my tight curls back. I've never done a deal cleansing but I think I want to. And when it does somwtimes curl, there are still pieces of my hair that are flat. I just want my haor back, and to insufe ghat my curl will be with me forever. Lol. I  need some help figuring out what to do with my hair. How to comb it out, what products to use, and such. (I'm causcaison, my hair is not thin nor thick, I don't color it, and it's pretty soft, but still gets very dry. I want my tight curls back, no loose. Some volume would be nice too. My hair also curls even less at the top of my head. The curls always seem to be at the very tips of my hair)

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