I have 2a/2b hair (depending on the day) My hair always falls flat and I hate it!

I currently use Ouidad products on my hair. I would like to achieve more volume.I have tried difussing my hair, duck clips and hair spray, but nothing seems to give me the volume I'm looking for; it always falls flat.I've also noticed my hair is a little dryer when I diffuse it.Any tips for more volume?!?!Thanks

2 Answers

You might want to try backcombing the roots with a little hair spray/dry shampoo when your hair is dry. As with all styling techniques, work slowly & gently, in small sections. To help remove the backcombing, while your hair is dry, spread your fingers & weave them into the backcombed section, then gently shake the tangle out. Check out Lilith Moon on youtube, she has a good tutorial for gently removing backcombing.
some style that I suggest are twistouts , flat twists outs , or Bantu knots to give your some volume and you should use it with some type of curling cream that can hold the style