I have 3 different noticable hair types and I dont know how to handle it anymore.

So I have three different hairtypes. That has always been a problem with my hair ever since I was little. My mom would straighten my hair because she didn't know how to deal with it. When I got to middle school she cut it all off and I just wore my hair up in a bun for literally 3 years straight. Then I decided to go natural and I've been that way for four years now. So now that my curls are healthier and more defined its easy to notice the different hair types. It's literally one layer on top of the other. It's gotten to the point where other natural girls will ask me how did I do that or automatically give me advice for heat damage. My question is: do any of you have advice on how to style or just deal with this? I'm trying really hard not to go back to straightening it but with three layers going in all directions with different shrinkage it's really difficult. Any advice?

1 Answer

I'm sorry to hear that! Even though its hard, you should work on accepting the beautiful hair you have! Many naturals do have more than just one curl type in different areas of their hair, so you're defiantly not alone! You could do different protective styles such as twist outs, bantu knots, and braid outs which will leave your hair all in one type of curl/wavy style once you take them out. I hope I helped in some way. Good luck! :)