I have 3A hair and my hair loses definitiion really fast, what can i do to prevent it?

I Have 3a hair and my hair loses definition a few hours after i have showerd and styled it. I dont use to muck product, i dont want to weigh it down wit alot of product. I use knky curly knot today as a leave in. Is there something i can do to make my curls last?

1 Answer

You need to "capture" the curl when it's wet and curliest. So after the KCKT (which has a lot of slip and could add to the loosening of your curls), use a gel or mousse or something with hold. I like LA Looks Sport Gel (it dries hard but scrunches out to completely soft!). But for me, Curl Keeper Original works even better b/c I don't get the "too soft" feeling after I scrunch out the crunch so for some reason the added texture if gives my hair (slightly rougher which is ok b/c my hair is low porosity and crazy smooth!) actually helps my curls stay and keeps frizz at bay.