I have 3a/b curly hair and I love volume. How do I get volume on top?

I am a 3a/b curly girl who loves volume.  No matter how I get my hair cut or how I dry my hair I can't seem to get the same type of volume on the top layers.  My hair always looks flat on top.  How can I remedy this?  My hair length is currently above my collar bone with layers. 

1 Answer

I think so many of us wonder the same thing.  I have 3a-3b hair, and get a trim every 5 weeks. If it gets a tad too long on top, it gets flat looking, if too short--same thing.  What I've done to "raise it up" more so, is after I wash it or just with a spray bottle of water, spray the areas I want more volume.  Then I push at the hair & play with it til it gets drier.  Also have used those metal clips and placed them at various places on the top of my head near the root of the hair.  Leave them there til hair is dry, it lifts the area.