I have 3b/3c hair that is currently long, would it curl better if it were shorter?

I have been trying to grow out a really bad hair cut for the last two years. Finally my hair is long again (though in varying lengths and chunks) but now the curl is being pulled out. Would I get better curl definition if my hair was shorter? Any answers, tips and recommendations are welcome. 

1 Answer

Hi, I'm new to using this style of website and I would like to help you! I've had 3B hair my whole life (20 yrs) and it's currently right at my shoulders when dried and styled. If straightened, it's probably just at the top or middle of my armpits. I do have very fine, thin, light hair and since it's so 'light' my curls are bouncy and super curled. Is your hair thick/heavy? If it is, you may not want to cut it too short because it could be rather poofy on the sides if the stylist doesn't cut it properly.I hope this helped!- Jodie