How do I get the back of my 3c hair to match the same pattern as my front?

Hello Curlies! I usually do braid outs and twist outs, Im not too good with wash and go's. I notice that the hair in the back of my hair seems to look different from my curls in the front, more frizzy lees defined. When i take out my braids I use a pick to give a little more volume and I also pineapple at night.

1 Answer

I think if they don't match you have to make them match with pattern changing styles that braid outs and twist outs. Since you are already doing that Im not really sure what else to suggest. If you just want to lessen the frizz and get more definition I say use the LOC method and coil your hair. This will give that spirally wash and go look once you separate it. I used to do this a lot. How to Get Perfect Curly Coil Outs