I accidentally cut my curly hair to short, pleas help?

I always wanted to try something new with my hair, so I went for new a hair cut. My hair is type 3b curly, so its is a bit hard to handle. I usually like to straighten it, so that i can go through my day without hair worries. But now I worry on both sides, my hair dresser cut my hair too short. Now my hair is over my shoulders, like a long bob hair cut. Summer is coming in soon, and I am scare that when I leave my hair curly it might look weird and too short. So please tell me how I can help my hair grow faster, and how I can handle it now that it is short (like what can I do to handle 3b short curly hair, and keep nice and healthy).

3 Answers

you are like my twin . i have the same problem and i used to straighten my hair everyday for school then i realized that i had split ends so i had to trim my hair to over my shoulders too . i was also worried that when it get curly in the summer it will be short but it didn't gladly i also have 3b curly hair . i am waiting now to get it longer it has been trimed a lot .i hope i 've helped
Just keep it moisturized, if kept healthy your hair can grow 6 inches a year. Style your curly hair to your preference and be patient if you want it to grow,
Hi!That happened to me a few years ago but mine was cut to my earlobes. . . YIKES!  Though extensive amounts of research and expirments I have some advice.  Well Its summer and hair tends to grow faster in the summer so that will help.  I strongly reccomend for you to keep it natural as much as possiable this will improve the health.  Hot oil treatments work very well by stimulating blood flow to the scalp.  The food you eat such as fish and avacados are great for hair.