How can I add some voomf to my thin hair

I had straight hair til I hit puberty then it went curly almost overnight. It was glorious,thick ringlets. Now 30 years and 5 children later it is so fine and curls are now 2b/c . It is curliest at the crown but the sides are very fine and straighter. It never looks good in any way. Could you suggest a style/products to encourage curl and volume please.

1 Answer

Do you use any gels, creams, or mousses? If your hair's turned wavy, that means you've entered the life of keeping your head upside-down and scrunching like your life depended on it. I recommend that once you're done washing and conditioning your hair, you keep your head upside-down and separate your hair into about four clumps. Then, take some gel and smooth it down each clump, careful not to rake your fingers through it. Then, take the clump and shape it into a neat curl, and scrunch it at least 8 times, and repeat with the other ones. I like to plop my hair overnight, and if you've never tried that, you might want to look up a youtube tutorial. Quick question- How long have you been going curly girl? Thanks!