I airways brush my hair after the shower is this why my roots don't curl?

so I have 3b/3c hair I always brush my hair when I get out the shower to detangle my curls. I then put in leave in conditioner and some gel brush my hair again then define small pieces of my hair and let air dry however my roots will not curl and I don't know if it's from brushing my hair or because my hair is so long.

3 Answers

Hi , im new here .. but heres what I think without looking at your hair. I am 2b fine ( but a lot ) curly hair that is straight on top till about my ear. My ends are curly, my hair is also very long in a V cut 2 inches below bra strap length... MY hair is straight on top because of the long length and the weight of my hair.  I enjoy this look bc it looks like ive wand curled my hair:) Hope this helps.
this is the same problem with me, I also have type 3 curls and I brush my hair when wet also it's kinda long, could it be chemical build up? I would like to know if you resolve this problem cuase I also struggle with this, please let me know ;)
My guess is the length! Weight pulls it out especially in the curl patterns less than a 4. Sometimes finer hair gets pulled straight more easily too but definitely length/weight can affect fine or thicker hair.