So I bobby pin the front sections of my hair everyday because no matter how I style it the front

always look awkward and sticks out. I'm getting tired of always have to pin it back and want to be able to wear my hair fully down any tips or tricks I can use? Also not sure if pinning it up it's messes up the hair pattern 

1 Answer

Pinning it up doesn't generally mess with the hair pattern in a permanent way unless you pin it the exact same way, every day. As long as you move around where the pins are, maybe braid or twist the hair sometimes to make it a little different, it shouldn't hurt the pattern.What, specifically, do you not like about the front? If it's too frizzy for you, a styling smoothie or milk might help if you apply when damp. If you want it to be bigger, some kind of moose or volumizing spray might help.