Will I get breakage on my TWA hair?

I'm planning to get senegalese twists that are mid stomach length for a protective style. My sister warned me I may experience breakage. If this is correct, why would this happen? Also, could I be able to prevent this from happening?

1 Answer

There will always be breakage and there will also always be shedding. Make sure you know the difference because what you think is breakage could actually just be some healthy shedding. Shed hair has a tiny white bulb on the bottom of it and the breakage hair does not. Dry hair breaks. So if you are not moisturizing enough you will experience breakage. To prevent it try to manipulate your hair less and keep it moisturized. But when you take out your Senegalese twist don't be shocked if you see a lot of shed hair because that all that hair you have shed while being protected finally let out. Hair sheds daily its just a natural thing. Breakage can be prevented but it can happen and its ok. :)