How do I bring out my curls?

I'm a guy trying out this natural hair thing. I've been growing my hair for almost two years. I'm tired of dealing with this nappy mess. I have 4c hair and no matter what, my twist out and flat twists never come out right. It's like no matter what I try, nothing works. I've always said that about my hair.My hair isn't the healthiest. So much of it falls out everyday and I definitely need a trim, I've never gotten one. It's frustrating spending so much time and money on my hair only for it to not look the way I want it to. I really want to get my hair curly like these other guys I see with natural hair. My life would be so much easier. I even tried perm rods and that didn't work smh.

1 Answer

Healthy hair is happy hair. Hair that is healthy responds much better than unhealthy hair. So I think the first step is to get to the bottom of your exuberant shedding, and getting a trim. A lot of the styles you mentioned look best on hair with clean ends :) .4C hair is quite fragile and will shed if not properly detangled and taken care of. There are many things that could be causing your shedding, but I think it could be your ends breaking off, or maybe your hair is tangling on itself and causing fairy knots (which would result in the hair breaking off). If your hair isn't very tangled, then it could just need some strengthening. Try a protein treatment to make those fragile strands stronger.Are you using products that would work for 4C hair? From my observation, none of the men in the photos are 4C (except maybe the first one, it seems like his hair is in a braid out so I can't tell). I think you should look into some 5 products under $5 for 4C hair. There are countless videos on YouTube! It seems like you're looking for definition. While technique plays a big role in a hairstyle, if the products you're using are poor-preforming (or just not compatible with your hair) your styles will reflect such. But remember, the basis to a good style is clean, detangled hair. And moisturized hair will become great defined hair.I think overall, you need to tackle the health of your hair, and use products made for your hair. Check out some YouTube tutorials, there are beautiful 4C curlies who have MASTERED the twistout. While your hair may not be the exact same as theirs, allow them to guide you. Natural hair is what I would call the epitome of trial and error.So remember, every head is different, it's about finding what works for yours :).Good Luck!