How can I keep from brushing my hair?

I wash my hair at night so I can air dry. My hair is down past the middle of my back and ever so slightly curly before I brush it when I wake up but when I do it turns to frizzy 2a waves. So I would like to know is there any thing I can do about that? Like a certain way to put my hair while I sleep or just anything so maybe I don't have to brush it.

3 Answers

I know exactly how u feel. Here are a few tips: Sleep on a silky pillow case. They can be found at target or Walmart for very cheap.  Normal Cotton pillow cases creates friction with your hair while sleeping because u move while sleeping and that creates frizz. Also, put ur hair up in a very loose high pony tail or bun. They are called " pineapple" or "pineapple bun". Go on YouTube and search " Curly penny how to preserve your curls at night". That video helped me A LOT. That's pretty much all I do. Hope this works for u (: 
After washing hair you should definitely use moisturizer to maintain curls and to avoid frizzy messy hair . Its ok to use products like shea moisturizer , EDEN coconut moisturiser , or a little all natural hair gel . All of these products are natural and doesn't weigh hair down . Apply small amount to hair while its wet then section hair in 2/4/6 or 8 and then twist out to hold moisture and curls in place . Pin all curls in place or tuck them under . Then tie with a nighttime head tie . This routine works wonders every time . 
Make sure your hair is dry and well-moisturized before you go to bed. Put your hair into a pineapple (a high ponytail) or a loose bun. Sleep on a satin pillowcase, that helped me a lot too. When you wake up, refresh your curls by mixing a small amount of leave-in conditioner with some water in your hands and smoothing/scrunching it into your hair.Hope I helped :)