i cant figure out the best way to part my hair, either way i do it it looks flat

my routine is, washing with devacurl no poo then conditioning with devacurl one condition then  i get out of the shower and scrunch my hair with devacurl leave in spray conditioner and i keep my hair upside down till its mostly dry (like 90%) then i defuse. when i lift my hair up its still flat on top and no matter how i part it, it still looks weird.

1 Answer

Have you tried using duckbill clips to get root height? It works well. Sometimes, also, I'll aim the hairdryer (w/out diffuser) right at my roots, while gently lifting my hair up away from my scalp. http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/curly-hair-care-methods/clip-curls-for-more-volume-less-triangle-head