I have corkicelli curls and I was wondering how I should wear my hair while I sleep.

I just started the curly girl method and I'm still trying to get it down and I was just wondering how I should wear my hair while I'm sleeping. Usually I would wear it in a bun, but it would get so tangled And since Im not supposed to brush or comb my hair Im not sure what to do. 

2 Answers

I just leave it loose and use a satin pillowcase/ I am corkicelli as well but my hair is so light that if i put it up it would stretch it out and stay "sitting up." It just doesn't have enough weight to go back into place unless i wet it down all over again. I've been looking for the Stay On Satin brand bonnet that allows for longer hair to lay down like a cocoon but i'm having trouble finding it anywhere other than online.
If I pineapple, it stretches my root curls sometimes. I've also tried gathering my hair upside down and braiding a large braid and looping in back to my scalp, adding a scrunchie to hold it. It lessens the knots. Another way, I have used a satin scarf and place it on the back of my head (my head is upside down for this) and tie it against my hairline or top of head. The hair is pretty much inside the scarf with the ends popping at the top but it keeps the hair from rubbing against each other on my scalp. I've been using the scarf way for a week, it does the job.(squishes some curls but thats okay) My hair is pretty long now so what I do keeps changing. I've tried a bonnet before but mine doesn't stay on my head because too much hair. It's down my back.