How can I keep the culrs after brushing my dry or wet hair?

I have to brush my hair everyday- more than once- it is not something I can skip. however, it destroys the curls and leaves my hair very monster like. Any ideas? PS: I do not/ can not wash my hair every single day

4 Answers

you should never brush curly hair, it ruins it. When in the shower just get the tangles out with your fingers or a wide tooth comb. You don't have to wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner daily, just waterwash your hair to get the tangles out 
I absolutely can not live without my paddle or boar bristle brush! I have to brush my hair at least once a day, myself! "Marsha Marsha, Marsha. Lol " I totally understand this issue here.. However I have learned to brush every other day if I have really defined waves/curls or just did a set ya know.. I'll just pineapple them or loose bun them.. pin curling works too.. but leaves my strands flat.. ): You really can't avoid brushing out the curls when you brush your hair because that's just what it does it  smoothes,  our little tangles we can't see...  you can redefine them by moisturizing and resealing or finger coiling/twisting the hair.. hope this helps! Good luck! (; 
You should try not to, but if you really can't what you can do is get a round soft brush and instead of brushing in a straight up-down motion, take one strand of curl a thin one would be better and twisted with the brush, it will loosen up your curls but it wont break them.
Ok, I have a question (maybe two) about curly hair.  I have only been "natural" since 2007.  I think I am a 3b. I co-wash, and "seal" my curls with a natural oil (olive/coconut) and air dry.  My hair use to be thick but unfortunately it's not anymore.  Sometimes I like a "fluffier" look to my hair and I will lightly finger-comb or softly brush my hair.  * How can I achieve this look with as little breakage as possible ? Also reading articles from a few different sources to identify my "hair type", I chose the definition(s) defining a " 3b".  Would you agree ?  If not, what do my curls appear to be most like ?  Thanks and have a blessed day.