Can I curl my hair with a curly wand or iron?

Okay , so Im a white 14 year old girl with 3b type hair . I dont like my curly hair at all . and I dont know what to do with it . I put moose and gel in it every morning . and everybody at school tells me " its wet" or "it so hard" . HELP ME ! Im strating my freshman year in a couple of weeks and i was wondering if its possible that I can curl it with a wand or curling iron ... Please help me .. and dont tell me to leave it natural , and add product .. I dont want that .. So if there is a way . Can I have step by step Instructions . Thanks xoxox ((:

1 Answer

It could be your choice in products that makes it hard. Maybe using either mousse or gel with a light leave-in conditioner will work better at defining your curls without the crunchy feeling. Also, have you tried finger twirling your curls? You can curl your hair with a curling iron or wand but keep in mind that doing this on a regular basis will only damage your hair in the long run, thus leaving your curls worse than they already are. If you are interested in these tools, DO use a heat protectant.