How can I keep my curls defined?

3 Answers

try using shea coconut all natural styling gel .. it's probably one of the best gels that they have on the market in my opinion . I think its a excellent products that doesn't weigh your natural curly hair down . 
Get a spray bottle, put water and your favorite conditioner (optional) and spray a little on your hair as often as you need. you should also try spritsing your hair with some argan oil, that always works for me. make sure you know your porosity and texture, is it course, medium or fine? that's important in order to know which products will work for your hair. My hair is fine and medium porosity so its best i don't use too much product.You should also try "Texture My Way Curl Keeper Moisturizing Hair Lotion" It always defines my curls and my hair stays really soft throughout the entire day while maintaining curl definition.
Aloe Vera Gel