Should I cut my hair?

I have 2a wavy hair, which is 2b sometimes when I braid it (which is like 4 times a week) I have so many split ends and my hair gets super dry all the time :( I'm not even sure if my hair IS 2a. Do I have 2a hair or not? It gets so frizzy and tangled all the time. It's wavy when wet, but it dries almost straight. I've been using CG method for a week, and I'm hoping to get good results.In those pics, with purple shirt my hair is in the state it has been after braiding. In the pink shirt, it was after braiding BEFORE I started using CG. My hair never used to be this wavy. I will try to get a picture of me with natural hair with no braiding. Should I cut my hair? And how much? I think my hair would be wavier if I cut it shorter.//update so the last picture is me with my normal hair (after CG. Before it my hair was completely straight)

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