How can I diffuse my hair to define my curls but still avoid volume?

Ok , I have two types of curls I have no idea why, but my lower curls are not as defined as the upper ones. When I try a half up do there are only waves to be seen. So, I want to define all of my curls if possible avoiding to much volume. I have a LOT really thick dry hair so I don't need any more volume. I tried diffusing my curls upside down like I have seen in many tutorials, but it made my hair look terribly voluminous! I mean, a lion could look "bald" next to me. I really like my curls but it's been hard for me to accept that it's no easy or cheap to take care of them. I mean Mafalda looks better than me after she wakes up. So... How should I style or diffuse my curls so they look nice?

1 Answer

Try holding the diffuser next to the sections rather than from the bottom of the hair pushing it up. This way you are just drying it in it's longest position with gravity when you are standing upright. You may find you only need to diffuse the underneath for more definition but can let the top air dry so as not to risk any frizz or volume.