I don't want keep putting hair my hair in afro can you help me what style I can do in my hair

I do the same afro but I there catch I can't braid can you help me pick style I don't know what to do can leaving your hair out breakout and dry your hair help me 

3 Answers

Can you post some photos of your hair? So we will know the length you are working with?Also if you can since you are dealing with dry hair, can you post your hair's porosity, density, and strand width? If you dont know you can click here to learn what those are and find yours out.
my length 
From what I can see you have a twa. There are quite a few options other than your fro. Aside from regular protective styles like box braids, Senegalese twists, faux locs, crotchet braids, sew ins (WHEN DONE RIGHT), clip ins, etc. You can use small perm rods for your and do a perm rod set. You can get your favorite gel or curling cream and finger coil your hair. You can add some color to switch it up. You can do small bantu knots and do a bantu knot out or rock them how as is and put cuffs around them. You can side part your hair after you finger coil or just your regular fro and lay your edges with edge control for a sleeker fro. You can add scarves (like tying a turban) or beanies.Click here for twa ideas.Click here for a whole guide on twa's.Click here for style ideas.More ideas.I Hope this helps love! xo