how do i get a finished look! im new to this, it looks like i just got out of bed...i think im 2c/3a

I am very new to the world of styling curly hair and all my life have been straightening. Tired of it and want to go natural!Jessi curl is the first curling product I've ever used. I have so far used it 8 times as per the tutorial video on the website. Also as per the website I figured my hair is a type 2C.Have been experimenting with more quantity of styling product, less quantity of product, air dry, diffuser blow dry and plunking. I can't seem to get a finished look and no way can I step out with such unruly hair. I would ideally love to have thick loose ringlets.I don't want to give up on this. I'm really holding back on getting my hair straightened again and would really really appreciate some guidance or help. I'm desperate to flaunt my curls naturally and have them look proper when I go to work and otherwise.I live in Dubai so if you know of any salon that could demonstrate and help me out, will also be a huge favour.Not giving up yet and relying on you for support. Thanks alot!

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