When I first got my hair cut it was beautiful and I loved it-what happened??

I live in a very small town and as my curly girlies know it takes a SPECIAL stylist to do curly hair. I am 30 years old and have gone to same stylist since I was a teen. About 6 months ago I had about 7 inches cut off, I absolutely loved the cut for several months, however, the last few months it seems I can't do ANYTHING with it. I get regular trims, just like I'm supposed to but my hair has lost its cute care free look and now is lifeless. I quit drying it every day thinking maybe I was damaging it, before it was short I never dried it as it always caused more damage than good-making it frizzy and unmanageable. When I do dry it I never use dryer for more than a few minutes and use a diffuser on medium heat. I use gel, and garner fructis sleek and shine leave in cream trying to avoid a crunchy look.....any advise would be AWESOME. Thanks girlies!! My profile picture is when I loved it, the picture I'm adding is now, sorry about picture quality

1 Answer

Try a clarifying shampoo and then deep condition. The most common culprit to hair being lifeless and misbehaving is product buildup. Even if your products are curly girl method approved (which I don't know if they are) certain ingredients can still build up over time. It might take a few clarifying cleanses, but if it's not doing the trick, try a protein treatment followed by a deep conditioner.