How can I get my hair to clump?

I did the squish to condish method to see if I can possibly get clumps but it didn't work. So today I did praying method, squish to condish and then I plopped and I ended up with piecy curls. I admit maybe the combination of all wasn't a good idea but does anyone recommend any good methods for clumping? Thank you 

2 Answers

My hair is still in the process of drying but you can see there's no clumping at all
 Personally I CANNOT get my hair to clump by scrunching, and I've never had much luck with plopping either. They have the opposite effect for me. I usually air dry and sometimes diffuse. I use a few different methods depending on whats been working for me recently. 'finger coiling'. If you do it all over you'll get a head of ringlets, you can also just do it around your face and in the top layers for more definition there. There's rake and shake-- I do a slightly altered version where I smooth product through a big clump and then comb a VERY wide toothed comb through the section and shake it at the end so the comb makes the clumps. You can also sit and separate out clumps with your fingers, basically like finger coiling but it emphasizes your natural pattern instead of creating a new one. Instead of finishing by twisting the curl around your finger, you just pull your fingers down the clump to smooth it and then pinch at the end and shake a little to reform the curl. You might also want to look into products that dry to form a cast you can then shake out to help with smoother looking clumps. Good luck!