how do i get my hair to hold the curl?

My hair is quite curly when it is wet (my hair has mixed textures but most of it is type 3a/3b when wet) but once it dries it looses a lot of the curl, some parts of the hair (mostly the ones on top of my head where the hair is thicker) sometimes go almost completely straight... I find it very weird like isn't it supposed to be the other way around? Isn't hair supposed to get a bit more curly when it dries since there is no water dragging it down?If tried diffusing my hair and plopping it overnight but neither seems to work... the diffuser leaves my hair frizzy while the plopping doesn't let my hair dry or the towel/t-shirt just falls of my head at night :(I don't put any products in my hair other than a some argan oil because I still haven't found any product that doesn't leave my hair either crunchy or looking greasy. So if you guys recommend some products i should try please let me know.Thanks for any help in advance x. 

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