How can I keep my hair stretched all day?

I have 4a/4b hair and I stretch my hair with styles such as bantu knots, twist outs,braid outs, etc. but through out the day, my hair starts to shrink. How can I keep my hair in its stretched state all day. Even when I blow out my hair, it shrinks. 100% dry and it still shrinks. I have kinda short hair so I can't fit it into a bun or ponytail yet. All I can do is a puff. :)

1 Answer

Try anti-humectant products. It sounds like your hair is really susceptible to the moisture in the air as it shrinks throughout the day. Monitor your products closely; products that are humectants or water based tend to cause the hair to shrink even though its dry as it is consistently pulling moisture into the strands. This is typically a good thing, but if you are wanting to keep your hair stretched then you should probably used more oils/butters that seal moisture that is already there and keep atmospheric moisture out. Not sure if this is the correct answer to your question, but I hope it helps.