I am hair type 3a what can I use to get my hair to stay put without the heavy,sticky, or wet look?

2 Answers

Try Edge Tamers.  They are slick and not "gelly.".    If they are too "gooey"  Then just use an oil based hair spray.  You can spray it directly on your hair and immediately brush your hair in the direction it should go.  If you need extra help styling, apply a cloth over your finished look and take it off after 3 minutes and you will have a smooth sleek look.  The reason to use an oil based spray is due to the ease of comb through after you take your  style down.
I've been enjoying DermOrganic Volume Foam (not sticky or heavy or crunchy) but I also have to use some kind of hair spray at my bangs or I can't see and it will flop all around. A styling lotion or milk might be good for you as well. I like Shea Moisture Yucca milk or their Jamaican Black Castor oil Styling Lotion. I have an edge tamer as mentioned above that I use as a pomade on my ends when I'm done to tame some flyaway and dryness.