I have a short pixie-ish hairstyle for my 3B curly hair but out of ideas

I have a very busy wash and go lifestyle.  Two kids in every after school activity imaginable, hubby and a small business that I run.  I've been told my hair is too soft to braid or twist and the more I let it grow, the more maintenance is needed.  I wet my hair every day to define the curls, put some type of product in it and go.  I am not married to any products right now.  Any suggestions?  I feel like I'm stuck with this hairstyle FOREVER!

1 Answer

You can braid or twist any hair, but you may need to bobby pin it down or use a styling product with some hold to make it stay. Suggestions:You could try twist outs/flat twist outs, braid outs/flat braid outs. You may find it easier to get flat braids, twists to stay. You could do comb coils/ finger coils. http://www.cantubeauty.com/clip-notes/wp-content/...(Tutorials for these styles can be found on youTube)You can try a deep side part.Use hair accessories: headbands, scarves, embellished bobby pins -- accessory ideas: http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/wavy-ha...Enjoy not having to do much to your hair :)I hope that helps!