i have been 100% natural since feb 2013 but i need more versatility for short hair.

I have natural hair just below my ears and it's growing out. I am looking for more styles that are available for short hair. I notice a lot of 2 strand twist styles and braided styles but with short hair the desired affect isn't there. And I would prefer not using the flat iron just to acheive a "styled "look. right now the only style I have is the sides pinned back and a headband. suggestions?

1 Answer

Here are some style ideas: http://www.naturallycurly.com/search/index/?q=&type=photo&photoHairTypes%5B%5D=4a&photoHairTypes%5B%5D=4b&photoHairTypes%5B%5D=4c&photoLengths%5B%5D=Short+hair+styles